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Does the <body> rule the mind or does the mind rule the <body>?

Accessible Content – Part 4: meaningful Link Texts



All of the things you said
So meaningful
They are all so suddenly meaningless

Morrissey, “Roy’s Keen”

Links are the foundation of the web. They are the essence of modern information. This is why it is important to follow some easy rules to guarantee a good link user experience.

Accessible Content – Part 1: unique and informative Page Titles



Can you squeeze me
Into an empty page of your diary?

Morrissey, “Hairdresser on Fire”

Let’s start where it all begins: the page title! That’s at least, where all websites “begin”. Page titles, for example, always appear first in search results and already make it possible to distinguish them from other search hits.

An accessible microinteractions button



Any man could get used to
And I am the living sign

The Smiths, “Vicar In A Tutu”

Microinteractions consist of the subtle feedback moments in small single tasks, for example a light switch. The light bulp itself returns the feedback immediately after the switch is used. Another example might be vibrating cellphones when you receive a message. This haptic feedback is so powerful you even feel it, if the phone is in your pocket.