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Does the <body> rule the mind or does the mind rule the <body>?


This is the blog of Martin Mengele, aka Accessabilly, a frontend web engineer focussed on accessibility and user experience. I live in north-eastern Switzerland, close to Lake Constance.

What I like to do

I work in the web development business for almost 20 years now and I’m still very passionate about things like web standards, semantics, responsive design and people interacting with media. I work for a software company as a senior developer and I’m specialized in CMS and intranet solutions for public administration and local government in Germany and Switzerland. Occasionally I write about music and I’m a movie buff as well and write reviews on some of the films that I like. I’m a huge fan of vintage design in every day life.

Why I’m here

I decided to start a blog (oh, is it 2003?), because I feel that accessibility in web development is not recognized as important as it should be. In my daily work experience I see it still mostly being considered as a show stopper and one of the reasons, why projects budgets are overrun.

Personally I feel, that there is a growing interest in web standards and user experience and I see an inherent chance in accessible web techniques that make websites a joy of use for everybody. To share the benefits of accessible and usable websites and applications I decided to share ideas and best practice examples from my daily work in this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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