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Does the <body> rule the mind or does the mind rule the <body>?

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Hi there,
I'm Martin Mengele, a web developer from Germany, living in Switzerland. I’m working as a frontend developer and consultant for accessibility. 🎱 Want to know more about me?

Cheers and have fun reading my stuff, 🤘

My grandfather was a Nazi, but…



Why am I writing about this?

In Germany, we are currently witnessing an uprising. A growing resistance from the center of society against right-wing extremist tendencies in society and politics. After reading Bastian Allgaier‘s touching blog post about his grandfather’s Nazi past (which he unfortunately deleted), I thought to myself that I absolutely had to write about the history of my grandfather on my father’s side.

How to start a Web Project with Accessibility in Mind?



But you’re in the wrong skin
And the skin that you’re in says
Oh, let it begin
And earth is the loneliest planet of all

Morrissey, “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet”

So you want to start a web project and accessibility is one of its core requirements? Here is an overview of stuff you might want to consider before you write a single line of code. Those are things I came across with a lot of web projects and I wished I had considered earlier.

Indecisive Skip Links and their Targets – the Renaissance of the <hr> Element



Do not forget
They tried to turn you
Into a public target

Morrissey, “I am not a Dog on a Chain”

Sometimes, it is easy to identify the position of skip links. Mostly when content blocks follow with a lot of interactive elements, or just a lot of content. But what about their target? Do you always know where to skip to? Do you know what follows your widget, component or element? There are many articles about skip links, but none about their targets. Maybe this is the first…

Inaccessibility Warnings in the Browser anyone?



The pressure to change, to move on
Was strange
And very strong
So this is why I tell you
I really do understand

Morrissey, “I don’t mind if you forget me”

A current and ongoing study by Webaim found out, that 98,1% of the top 1000000 websites around the world have machine detectable accessibility errors. They just all fail the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2. Why is that so? And what can we do about it?